Frictionless visibility without the overhead

Reduce meetings πŸ“‰, break down silos πŸ—„οΈ, and decrease information overload 🧠 with a simple, cross-functional way of operating

Workplace communication is disorganized and inefficient

We all have access to the same communication tools, but in order to thrive in this new AI era you need a new strategy 🎯

$2 trillion waste

in time, energy, and opportunity due to ineffective communication⏳

$15,000 per employee

wasted on preparing reports and attending unnecessary meetings πŸ’».

30% of revenue lost

due to inefficiencies resulting from cross-functional siloed data ⏱️

85% of employees


Async alignment, powered by voice

Essential communication shouldn't get buried in silos πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. Improve cohesion in a radically different way πŸ‘₯

Share updates

Capture priorities

Communicate async

Transfer knowledge

Elevate strategic communication to create visibility πŸ‘€

Accelerate insights to keep everyone in the know efficiently πŸ€”

Innovate team operations to be more innovative at scale βš™οΈ


Share insights 5x faster using voice-to-text

Significantly reduce the time wasted preparing or attending meetings ⏱️, and ensure critical information doesn't get lost in channels or threads 🧐

Less team meetings

Less DMs

More visibility


Synthesize content into an AI-powered dynamic feed

Easy to digest, or listen to the sourceΒ 

Get the goods, and get on with your day 🌞

Filter and analyze data for insights

Get up to speed insanely quick ⚑


Unlock tons of efficiency with an async strategy

Pre-built async update templates

Capture oceans of contextual data 🌊

Unlimited possibilities and use cases

Async opens up new ideas and innovation potentialπŸ’‘

Use Cases

Powerful capabilities with unlimited possibilities

Async touchpoints

When a live Zoom isn't necessary but the data shouldn't get lost in Slack, Teams, or email πŸ’¬

Executive summaries

Aggregate and organized curated executive reports in a simple way πŸ‘”

Pulse surveys

Quickly capture information at scale then analyze for trends and insights πŸ’‘

AI-powered insights

Have interactive conversations with your contextual data sets 🧠.

Strategy documentation

Document strategies and get qualitative feedback on performance πŸ‘

Much, much more

Currently, there are a wide variety of directions to take the platform, so your feedback is critical πŸ”‘

Boost team efficiency and productivity

By capturing your team's voice in the right context, you can unlock new possibilities πŸ”“


time savings with async voice

By verbalizing versus writing and centralizing versus siloing πŸ“


productivity gains per employee

By reducing time spent annually on internal reporting by 67% πŸ“

How to get started

Simple onboarding πŸŽ‰. Obvious value πŸ‘₯. Endless possibilities ✨

Step 1

Create your free account

Free for first 10 users πŸ€“

Step 2

Share invite link with peers

The more, the merrier πŸŽ‰

Step 3

Post updates and get insights!

Choose from pre-set templates or create your own then analyze the insights coming in ✍️,


Simple, scalable pricing

Spend less time managing licenses and more time creating value with them 🀝

First 10 users free

Unlimited usage

Access all new features

Scale on your terms


$10 per user

paid monthly, or annually for a discount

Frequently asked questions

Some commonly asked questions

πŸ€” Who is Krezzo for?

Innovative operational leaders and executives who recognize that their team's time is best spent creating value not more internal reports ⏳

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ What makes Krezzo different?

Voice-led technology with an async strategy. We believe voice and async are the future of work, and aim to unlock operation value with them πŸ”

🀨 Why not just use Slack?

Slack and Teams are amazing tools, but they are too noisy πŸ”Š. Krezzo centralizes critical cross-functional communication in one place πŸ“

Work smarter, not harder with Krezzo

Time is your most valuable asset, don't waste it 🚫


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